S-D8 Integrating Water and Energy Efficiency

Texas and California are in the midst of multi-year droughts, yet both rely heavily on electricity sources that require copious amounts of water and contribute to this prolonged drought (namely, natural gas, coal and nuclear). Using these two states as case studies, this panel will explore the inextricable link between energy and water, the need to harness data and technology to spark behavioral changes in Texans and Californians, as well as better coordination between the two sectors.

Citing specific pilot and demonstration projects, in Texas, California, and elsewhere, the panel will help audiences understand how people, businesses, and government can adopt and adapt to the new technology landscape to increase energy and water efficiency.

Moderator: Kate Zerrenner, Manager, Energy-Water Initiatives, Environmental Defense Fund


  • Subodh Nayar, Market Development, WaterSmart Software
  • Edward Spang, Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology and Center for Water-Energy Efficiency, University of California-Davis
  • Kimberly Stoker, Director, Environmental & Sustainability, Generation & Strategy Group, CPS Energy

Kate Zerrenner leads the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF’s) multi-year campaign to influence and enact state and national energy and water efficiency policy, including breaking down financial, regulatory, and behavioral barriers. Her expertise includes a sound understanding of technologies and policies affecting traditional energy generation, energy efficiency business models, and the energy-water nexus. She collaborates with key stakeholders and legislative sponsors on the passage of clean energy and energy-water legislation, including drafting legislative language and providing oral and written testimony. She serves on the City of Austin Integrated Water Resource Planning Community Task Force and the Advisory Board of the Smart Cities Council. (512-691 3423; kzerrenner@edf.org)

Subodh Nayar works for WaterSmart Software, which uses mobile and online tools to help water utilities educate and engage their customers to save water and money. WaterSmart offers a turnkey, cloud-based analytics and engagement platform that makes it easy to improve water-use efficiency by 5 percent in as little as 12 months. Subodh has broad energy and water industry expertise around best practice for the delivery and use of water or energy. He has been widely published in industry, technology, and business press on topics such as the energy-water nexus, the business case for intelligent smart grid deployment, the role of time-of-use (TOU) pricing in peak load shaving and successful utility use of communication technologies in smart metering and distribution grid operation. (703-596-4150; subodh@nayars.com)

Dr. Edward Spang is an Assistant Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis. His research focuses on characterizing and optimizing the efficiency of linked water, energy, and food resource systems. He is particularly interested in applying methodologies to measure and monitor these systems and their interrelationships in high-resolution and across multiple scales. He also seeks to understand the influence of markets, innovation, and policy on the integrated food-energy-water nexus. His recent publications explore mapping energy flows through water infrastructure, enhancing the conservation signal and stability of water rates, and estimating global water consumption for energy production. Dr. Spang also serves as Associate Director of the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency at UC Davis. (esspang@ucdavis.edu)

Kim R. Stoker is the Environmental & Sustainability Director in the Generation & Strategy Group at CPS Energy, which directs and provides leadership for utility-wide environmental strategy, compliance programs, water supply planning, environmental policy, sustainability initiatives, and the development of corporate environmental metrics. CPS Energy is the largest municipally owned electric and gas utility in the U.S., serving the nation’s seventh-largest city, San Antonio, with a diversified generation portfolio including residential and commercial energy efficiency and demand response. Ms. Stoker represents the interests of CPS Energy on several regional air, water and sustainability planning stakeholder committees. She is a Registered Environmental Manager and a Professional Geologist in Texas. (210-353-2929; krstoker@cpsenergy.com)


  • Kate Zerrenner, Manager, Water Initiatives – Environmental Defense Fund

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