S-E4 The Status of Low Cost Energy Technologies to Treat Saline Water for Freshwater Uses

During the 20th century, the global population increased 300 percent while demand for freshwater increased 600 percent. The world’s water consumption rate is doubling every 20 years, outpacing population growth by a factor of two. By 2025, global water demand will exceed supply by 50 percent due to persistent regional droughts and water will strongly compete with energy as an internationally limited resource and affect future economic development and prosperity. Agriculture, a critical component of the US economy is the major user of ground and surface water in the US accounting for approximately 80 percent of the Nation’s consumptive water use and more than 90 percent in many Western States. These water shortages have promoted development of less costly treatment saline water sources.

Moderator and Speakers:

  • Michael Champ, Retired, Texas A&M University
  • Sven Schlumpberger, PhD Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jeffrey Jacobs, Director, Water Science and Technology Board, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

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