WC-15 Data Access and Utilization for Energy Development and Water Conservation


  • Beth Kinne, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Hobart and William Smith Colleges Hobart & William Smith College
  • Jennifer Considine, Honorary Lecturer and Member of CEPMLP Global Academic Team, University of Dundee, Scotland
  • David Yoxtheimer, EMS Extension Associate, Pennsylvania State University


Unconventional oil and gas development often competes with agriculture and municipalities for water resources. Treatment and disposal of produced fluids, and the impact on environment and human health and safety are a concern today and will likely continue to be for as long as energy resources are developed. In addition to minimizing use, innovative re-use of water, for example, for agriculture, can promote conservation of resources and reduce negative environmental impacts of energy production. But identifying and vetting these potential opportunities, and increasing public confidence in them requires collection and transparent access to the data that informs them. This session will focus on the role of data collection and sharing initiatives in supporting best management practices by the oil and gas industry, other water users, and state and local governments. It will also address the hurdles to access to and use of data in support of decision-making processes.


  • Beth Kinne, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Hobart & William Smith College



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